Wednesday, July 14, 2010

365 Day Workout Challenge

(As my sister would say) HERE'S THE THING:
I need to get myself motivated and going.  I need to stop making excuses and start achieving.  At one point, I was healthy, fit, and confident about my physique.  Now, well, suffice to say, its a different story.  In college, I lived in a bike friendly community, rode almost daily and additionally worked out at my apartment gym several days a week.  I didn't know it then, but I was at the peak of my fitness.  Then, I moved to Los Angeles.  Don't be fooled by the sterotype, Los Angeles is not as healthy and fit as it appears.  My active lifestyle was replaced by a 2-3 hr/day commute, regular eating out, and a dramatic increase in stress.  It didn't take long before the pounds started adding up and the excuses kicked in.  Throughout the past 10 years, I've worked out sporadically, lost and regained weight, had 2 babies, and made more excuses about being physically active than I can even fathom.  It was always, tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.
Today (ok, yesterday), it ends.  Tomorrow IS today.

I will put on my tennis shoes every day for the next 365 days and do at a minimum 5 minutes of heart pumping physical activity.  I know, I know, I know, you're thinking, "Are you kidding me, FIVE minutes?  Anyone can do that.  Set a REAL goal." But, that's the point.  Anyone CAN do that, including me.  Seriously, what excuse could I possibly come up with to not put in 5 min?  It doesn't matter how tired, sick, frustrated, overwhelmed, busy, I am feeling - 5 minutes is doable.  A 5 minute pledge does not make me feel burdened for time or overwhelmed by committing to a full year.  And, to be perfectly honest, I know myself well enough to know that if I go through the trouble of putting my tennies on and hitting the pavement, I'll be at it for more than 5 minutes. 

This is not about losing weight (though that would be an added bonus), but about improving both my physical and mental health, so I do not feel its apropriate to measure this goal in pounds lost.  Setting weight loss goals, for me, has always led to a yo-yo of emotions (YAY, I'm down 5 lbs.  DAMN, I've been working my ass off, and I gained 2 lbs this week).  Its a recipe for failure for me.  So, I'm taking a different approach this time. 

Join me, please.  I'll encourage you, if you encourage me. (Ok, I'll encourage you even if you don't reciprocate).  And, don't even start with me, you DO have time every day to work out, even when you are on vacation, even during the holidays, even when you've worked a 12 hr day, even when the weather sucks (dance, baby, dance).  Ask yourself, is it really more important to update your status on facebook?  Is it really more important to read (or write) a blog?  Is it really more important to upload and email those photos?  The answer for me, now, is a resounding NO. 

Please, leave a comment, send me a message, write me an email, conact me via facebook, text me, call me, whatever works for you.  If you don't want to play along at home, at least encourage me to keep going.  My dear hubby has agreed to do this with me, but between you and me, he's working late tonight unexpectedly, and I anticipate he'll take a hiatus tonight (which is day 2 of the pledge), so I'll need your help!!


  1. I am in!!! I will be joining you for the next 365 days. Below is a link to my favorite kettlebell workout.

  2. YAY Kelli! Thanks for the link. I'll definitely look into kettlebells and those workouts. Something tells me I'm gonna be tired of the treadmill and rowing machines in no time flat. My mind and my muscles LOVE variety! I'll check in with you tomorrow to see how you are doing!

  3. Took the kids to the pool today. I guess now I have to take them to the zoo tomorrow. Pushing 60 pounds uphill in a stroller will get the time in. :)

  4. ~B~ does that mean you are in as well? I'm so impressed that you are able to get both kids in the stroller at the same time. Olivia typically has little interest in the stroller, so if I want to go for a walk, we end up going at a snail's pace. Not exactly heart pumping physical activity.