Thursday, February 24, 2011

Organizing my stash

Anyone with a yarn or fabric stash knows that organizing it is a daunting task. You ask yourself dozens of questions: Do I organize by color? fiber content? weight? quantity? The dirty little secret is it doesn't really matter how we organize it. The reality is that organizing it means we have to own up to our stash addiction, something we'd rather not do. We tell ourselves, "I love this and I KNOW I can use it in a project in the future." The problem is the future rarely comes along. Instead, when we have a project in mind, we run to the local yarn or fabric shop and pick up what we have in mind, completely neglecting our growing stash which is collecting dust in a closet, under the bed, still in their store bags, etc. (Come on, you know its true. Somewhere in your home, you've got a bag of fabric, yarn, or craft supplies that you've completely forgotten you own.)
In our new home, I have an entire closet dedicated to my crafting supplies providing me no excuse to be disorganized. So, I started my organizational journey with my yarn stash - a couple of trips to target and an hour or so of assembly - and here is the result:
The upside: I LOVE organization. It makes me smile and gives me inner peace just to peek in on my stash.
The downside: I now realize I have a ton of yarn that I really need to use before I go out buying up more yummy fiber. Of course, I'm getting ready to start a project and realized that I'm a little light on boyish colors, so perhaps there's still some room for stash improvement.....

Now, onto the fabric....

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